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Comedian Pierre updates on all things Pierre

If you’ve been doing comedy for 30-plus years, you have a lot to say. Pierre is one of those comedians who can show longevity and the work qualifies him as royalty. He’s worked with most of the top names from Martin Lawrence to Kevin Hart, to Halle Berry, Robert Townsend …

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2017 Legendary Awards recipient Malcolm-Jamal Warner hasn’t quit his day job

One of the most fascinating things in life is what makes a legend, especially when the person who is considered as such grew up in the public spotlight of acting on television and in films. The person I’m referring to is Mr. Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who started his career on the …

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Actor Tommy Ford lives on in final movie ‘The Last Time’

When you’re gone too soon, you change a lot of lives. What makes the mark of a true icon, however, is the body of work that elevates you in those people’s minds. This is true of Actor/Director/Producer Tommy Ford. As elevated nationally by his character “Tommy” on the successful long …

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‘The Last Time’ new movie targets domestic violence awareness

  There’s too much violence in the world, and it’s amazing that domestic violence and abuse is still prevalent in our society. This is a good reason and perfect timing for The Last Time, a new film about this subject. The film stars Reece Odum, Tiffany Hill, Wardell Richardson, Charmin …

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Acting heavyweight Robert Davi talks legacy and motivation

When you talk to award-winning actor, jazz vocalist, director, musician, screenwriter and entertainer Robert Davi, you realize how down-to-earth this professional is. The fact that he is so accessible in talking about the things that matter in life will surprise you as much as what he has done in life. …

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Sail fish champion Peter Miller takes technology to high seas at 2017 CES

The world of competitive fishing brought 3-time champion Peter Miller to the 2017 CES convention with new products and awareness of the sport. To prove that CES reaches all aspects of the globe, Monster Products recently partnered with the blue-ribbon athlete in Vegas to promote their new “Back Float” waterless …

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[EXCLUSIVE] Actor Shemar Moore How He Wants To Be Remembered & Why He Stays Humble

    Actor Shemar Moore made a stop in Atlanta to promote his new film The Bounce Back.  Moore, comedian/actor Bill Bellamy and Atlanta celebrities and influencers hit the red carpet which was hosted by Liquid Soul Media to talk about the film.  Moore spoke exclusively to Tall Boy about …

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