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BodyGuardz says no more broken screens at CES 2017

At some point in time you’ve dropped your cell phone and the result was a cracked or broken screen. Now, those days are coming to an end because BodyGuardz has come up with a solution for your iPhone, Android or LG phone. In 2002, a company called BGZ brands came …

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Snail wall charger is first retractable device debuts at CES 2017

What may be an odd name for a wall charger is actually a fully functional device that works with your smartphone, laptop and tablet devices. However, Snail refers to the design which really does look like a snail, but its functionality is no snail. When you get past the obvious, …

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j5create showcases 2 super charger devices at CES 2017

The folks at j5create have done it again with 2 new additions to their long line of chargers and docking solutions. Super chargers and docking stations are nothing new, but j5create specializes in power delivery over USB type-C devices to support upstream charging. With the ability to transform your devices …

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3D Smart headphones by Inspero debuts at CES 2017

The next big thing in sound are Vinci 3D headphones that do more than just play music. It also has the capabilities to improve your lifestyle. Lofty goals you think, but a company named Inspero has come up with a couple versions that may help change your mind, if not …

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MyCharge unveils 2 new products for smart devices at CES 2017

Let’s admit it: we All want, need and seek more power for our smart devices, tablets, laptops, eReaders, computers and everything else we can’t seem to do without. Well, it’s now a reality and soon to be in the stores as early as April 2017. A relatively new company, MyCharge …

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Forget lost chargers and cords with iChargerlock unveiled at CES2017

One of the most annoying things is misplacing, losing or someone stealing your smartphone charger or cord. Worry no more because iChargerlock is the simple solution for these dilemmas. Another new item showing up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 was at the booth manned by company president Michael …

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KADO thinnest phone charger with cable revealed at CES 2017

KADO is a new company this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 and they have introduced the world’s tiniest and thinnest chargers for your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Although they stopped short at calling it a smart charger, they perform on a variety of smart devices you use …

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Benjilock is world’s newest fingerprint padlock at CES 2017

The oddest name for a padlock will soon become the newest addition to your security arsenal. Although not the newest invention, it certainly is the latest to improve on fingerprint technology for padlocks. Robbie Cabral may have hit upon a need-based item that we all take for granted. When you …

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Beastgrip is essential gear for serious Phoneographers at CES 2017

If you own a smartphone, you’re a Phoneographer. If you want to elevate the game into the professional arena, Beastgrip is the company you need to check out. They’ve been supplying mobile photography/videography gear since 2012, and are out with new items showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017. …

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