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KADO thinnest phone charger with cable revealed at CES 2017

KADO is a new company this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 and they have introduced the world’s tiniest and thinnest chargers for your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Although they stopped short at calling it a smart charger, they perform on a variety of smart devices you use every day.

Company representative Itay (pronounced e-tie) Hasid showed us the smallest charger for your smartphone and tablet that comes with a 2-foot retractable cord, weighs less than 0.2 inches and fits inside your wallet. At 10-watts, it also has 2 USB ports, so you can bring your own cables with you if preferred.  This is not a battery or power pack. It is quite simply a tiny charging unit with a tiny detachable cable unit. There’s also a 70-watt version for laptops that is thin as a pencil. Both devices also can be directly connected to the charger(s) using the USB port.

As mentioned, KADO is a new company still in the growing stages so there will be more devices to come that are sure to be innovative and game-changers. Meantime, get in on the ground floor with their Kickstarter campaign going on now. They are patent-pending presently and are due on the market summer 2017. However, if you act now with the Kickstarter contributions, there is an early-bird special, so check them out.

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Visit KADO and get into their Kickstarter campaign at  KADO.TECH and follow them on Twitter @KADOCHARGERS

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