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Had an opportunity to interview @morehouse1867 newest president. Dr. David A.Thomas.
He is the 12th president in the 150 years of the college existence. I honestly believe he will do some amazing things for the school.
#morehouse #truetoatlanta #trustyaprocess #tallboyexperience.
@ludacris has a restaurant in the Atlanta airport [Concourse D]
Next time you are passing through the airport take a moment to check out @chicken_beeratl.
Chicken & Waffles are on point (Waffles have Sweet Potatoes in them)
#chickenandbeer #truetoatlanta #trustyaprocess
I don't post family photos but this is warranted. Please take a moment to say happy birthday to my ace D. Wilson-Bates. Although we dont see eye 2 eye all the time just know I Love You & I appreciate ...
Big Birthday shout out to @abcvision & @t4vista may this birthday be the best. Enjoy & Turn Up. 🎂 🍾 🎉 #trivinobrothers #trusttheprocess #tallboyexperience
It aint over until the clock says 0.00. With 10 seconds left & you let this happen... #neverforget #bigmadorlilmad #saints
Let me tag a few people whom I respect but I wont forget this & neither should you. @uncommon504breed @dacoast
Are you expecting a new child... Ladies or shall I say New moms let me introduce you to Willow Pump.
You can now get up & pump with no external tubes, cords or dangling bottles. It fits in your bra.
My good friends at @j5create is bringing you tomorrow's technology today.
Two USB ports, one HDMI, VGA & Network port all in one device.
This USB type C dock is 109.00 & you can find it at www.j5create.com
#j5create #ces2018 ...
Your cellphone will protect you with 24/7 volt case.
A cell phone case that pushes out 20,000 volts & notifies your loved ones when you activate it. It also records video & allows you to alert 911 emergency services.
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