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Rapper Big Boi honored with Pepsi ‘#ChampionTheDream’ award in Atlanta

Champion The Dream

Rapper. Musician. Actor. Producer. Businessman. Philanthropist. Father. Friend. Husband. Animal Lover. Icon. These are the many titles given to just one man. Now, add Advocate to the growing list of a accomplishments for Big Boi.

Although Antwan André Patton, also known worldwide as Big Boi, has been involved with kids around the Atlanta area for 10-11 years with his Big Kids Foundation, it’s always a great thing to be honored for the work done. Especially when the work done is in order to benefit the greater cause, which is to elevate the need to motivate, encourage and expand the opportunity for a positive life. All this sounds lofty but if you look closer as PepsiCo and those who attended the awards ceremony in late February did, you will begin to understand why Big Boi does what he does.

I want to expand the minds of the youth and show them different things. It’s all about motivation, molding young minds and expanding them. Been doing it with the Big Kids Foundation for about 10/11-yrs and were just getting started. “

Accordingly he’s been there, done that. This is part of the life that led to what he has become because of that one defining moment that told him this is his purpose.

It’s just coming from where I’m coming from. From the bottom and never having people, mentors or successful people come and speak to me like that. But when they did, you cherish every word they say. I wanted to be like that to the younger kids, just try to motivate them.”

The significance of uplifting kids is not wasted on adults though. A theme for the efforts and success of #ChampionTheDream ran through the night that was summarized by Jennifer Keitt in a few words, “It means living exactly life the way that you want to live it: on your terms, with your thoughts, with your ideas in motion. It’s reaching our potential, its unlocking our purpose, its making sure we are moving every single day towards destiny.”

Still, how to further unify family is an obvious situation that could hinder kids in the long run. The territory comes with the acknowledgement that we don’t talk about the African-American family anymore; no family dinners, no family activities, no real interaction with family which is a sign of the times for too many years. Kids don’t have dreams like their parents did and are sometimes geologically and logistically challenged. Breaking the confines of kids’ lives outside of the 10-square block they live in is a start. The attempt for #ChampionTheDream is to take and break that challenge. The key is now crucial enough to “demand we support each other.”

The importance of consistency for kids is also important.

You just got to keep grinding, got to keep on pushing. Whatever you want to do you can do it, as long as it’s in your heart you sacrifice, dedicate and you’ll get there.”

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